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Kurt and Jim

Nirvana and The Doors
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This is the only community (that I know of) for Nirvana AND the Doors. I created this community because not only are they 2 extremely awesome bands with some interesting similarities, but their fans are often really cool and interesting people to talk to.

If you want to advertise your own community in here, feel free, but it better not be huge and take up half my friends page or it will be deleted.

Posting pictures is awesome, but if you're posting a bunch, or if they're really big, please be considerate and put them behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this, go look it up here.

So if you like Nirvana and The Doors, join now!

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Keep in mind that this community is for both bands, not just Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain (despite the icon :-))